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Used Nissan Sentra in Lumberton NC

Used Nissan Sentra in Lumberton NC
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Used Nissan Sentra in Lumberton NC

Nissan of Lumberton has a large inventory of used Nissan Sentra models available for our customers right now. We fully stock our dealership with the Sentra because we realize its indespendible qualities and long-lasting reliability for our customers. If you need a legitimate budget model that “just runs” or a luxurious model that does far more than the average sedan, then the Sentra is capable of being both models for you. Thanks to its very diverse trim lineup, the Sentra is capable of being many things to many different drivers.

Used Nissan Sentra in Lumberton NC - 2021 Nissan Sentra

What Does a Used Nissan Sentra Offer

The Sentra is one of the oldest sedans in America. This simple fact highlights just how popular the brand was and is. After 40 years of Sentra models, Nissan is still able to make more and find happy buyers in Lumberton. Our used Nissan Sentra in Lumberton collection is here because it serves the practical pursuits of everyday Americans. It’s comfortable, attractive, and affordable. And when you buy used from Nissan of Lumberton, you can appreciate the Sentra for its qualities and quality even more.

Used Nissan Sentra in Lumberton NC - 2021 Nissan Sentra


Used Sentra models are either compact or mid-size depending on the generation you shop from. The flexibility in sizing make it an excellent choice for many different needs in Lumberton. You can have compact or mid-size needs and still go home in a Sentra from our dealership.

Used Nissan Sentra in Lumberton NC - 2021 Nissan Sentra

Nissan Innovation

The appearance of the Sentra is one of pure quality and joy. In recent years, it features the “geometric” design qualities of Nissan’s most recent design languages. It’s part sport, part practical. That’s just the right equation for many of today’s shoppers. Thanks to the great diversity in designs over the years, it’s possible to shop for a Sentra without being confined to just one design. Older Sentra models were more practical and less flashy, while post-2010 Sentra models are well-dressed and extremely upscale. You can love either design and love a used Sentra.

Used Nissan Sentra in Lumberton NC - 2021 Nissan Sentra


Looks are an important part of the Sentra’s success in America, but it’s not the only reason that people frequently choose these models. In recent model years – such as 2019 – the Sentra received a 188 horsepower, 177 lb-ft of torque SR Turbo trim. This is one of the main scores if you’re going to buy the model pre-owned. 2019 also saw the introduction of the Nismo, a sportier and much more “vocal” show of sport. It came with 18-inch wheels and featured colors like Powder White. What you’ll see is that the Sentra is a model that looks like it drives most of the time. If you see something tamer, you’re getting practical. If you see a NISMO, watch out! That one is ready to race with you.

Shop from Nissan of Lumberton

We’re home to thousands of pre-owned models during the year. Pre-owned shoppers are treated to a showcase of why it’s the right time to buy a used vehicle. With current difficulties in the new vehicle segment, it’s the right time to look back at all those vehicles that rolled off the assembly lines in complete form.

There are no missing features on your used models, and you won’t have to wait or buy add-on packages to find your favorite Nissan Sentra trims and features. Shop from budget, mid-tier, or high-end Sentra models when you’ve got some time to browse. We keep all our Sentras online for our customers to browse when they’ve got time. We’re all busy in life right now, so when you’ve got a moment, make the most of it.

Used vehicle shoppers are going to find outstanding deals on the already reasonable Sentra lineup. Pick out a Sentra from 20 years ago or just two years ago. We’ll make sure that you get a vehicle that’s paired with one of our specials.

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It’s natural to have questions about your favorite Nissan models. When you’ve got questions about the Sentra or any other Nissan model, you’ve got plenty of ways to talk to us. You can write us an email, text, or live chat message, or you can call us directly at our dealership during regular business hours. For those who are right in our neighborhood, please remember that our door is always open to you during the day. If you see a model at our dealership that you want to buy, walk right in and let a team member know.

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