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Used Nissan Altima in Lumberton NC

Used Nissan Altima in Lumberton NC
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Used Nissan Altima Overview

The Nissan Altima is one of the most affordable and iconic commuters in America. It’s refined for the trip to the office, the family road trip, and the cruise around the block in Lumberton North Carolina. We’ve got a nice range of used Nissan Altima models to choose from at Nissan of Lumberton. Step right up and glimpse some of the most family friendly sedans in America.

Lumberton NC - 2021 Nissan Altima's Overview

Used Nissan Altima in Lumberton

The last ten years of Altima models are a revolution in driver-assist technology, connectivity, and flashy styling. While the Altima tends to cost less than other cars in its class, it never sacrifices the basics of what makes a sedan great. Nissan is fond of CVT gearboxes that tend to give a smoother handling experience that traditional 6-speed transmissions that usually go in vehicles of this price range. They also cater to their fanbase instead of trying to win over new customers. If you love the Altima, it’ll love you right back.

Lumberton NC - 2021 Nissan Altima's Exterior

Surprisingly Powerful Performance

Don’t let a gentle driving Altima fool you. It usually gets at least one boosted powertrain that gives you the option to crank things up in the Altima. Even its base model powertrain and CVT transmission is likely to give you a surprisingly powerful kick of adrenaline everyday. These models accelerate steadily, always giving you a feeling of control over your vehicle.

Lumberton NC - 2021 Nissan Altima's Interior

Surprising Luxuries

The Altima is a lot more luxurious than you might remember. If it’s been awhile since you checked out an Altima, be sure to look at the last couple of generations. You’ll find large touchscreens to guide your drive each day, delivering voice commands and camera angles of your exterior. Premium audio systems are also available on our collection of models. Leather-trimmed seating in sophisticated colors are a trademark of the most recent generations of the model.

Lumberton NC - 2021 Nissan Altima's Mechanical

Driver-Assist Technology

Nissan’s driver-assist platform is an award-winning feat of engineering and high technology that keeps your Altima as sharp and smart as a sedan can be. You’ll find that features like blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, and rear cross-traffic alert have been standard in most Altima models for the past five or more years. If there’s one thing that Nissan doesn’t compromise on, it’s safety. They make safety mandatory for every vehicle they build.

Shop Used this Year

A used Nissan Altima in Lumberton is a chance to save money on features that you already love. The complete Altima package is already one of the most eye-catching of all sedans in the world, but shopping used just gives you an extra edge over other buyers. While everyone else looks for a vehicle that’ll light up the year, you can look for one that’s stable for the next 10 years, both in your investment and your vehicle itself.

More Value

Used vehicles hold their value very well compared to new models. If you buy a pre-owned Altima, it’ll keep most of its value through your first few years of ownership, giving you the power to trade in for more return on investment.

Sharp Good Looks

Value isn’t the only thing that stays stable on an Altima. The model is far ahead of its time when it’s first released new, so even as a used model, it keeps up with modern vehicles very nicely. LED headlamps, aluminum wheels, and power adjustable mirrors are just a few of the features you might find on a used Altima.

Faster Ownership

If you want to own your vehicle as quickly as possible, a used model is to your advantage. Not everyone feels like they actually own a vehicle until they’ve paid it off. If you’re one of those people, the quicker payoff with a used vehicle is just your buying style. Paying less money on a vehicle means you can choose a shorter repayment term. You’ll own your vehicle sooner.

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We’ve got a wide range of Nissan Altima models and trims to choose from. Pick your favorite model year or a recent-gen model to get started. When you’re ready to finance or test drive, let our team in Lumberton North Carolina know.

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